Do you have astigmatism and have been told that you cannot wear contact lenses?

Do you have an ocular condition such as Keratoconus, Irregular astigmatism, post-op LASIK or have experienced a traumatic injury to your eyes and are no longer able to see clearly through spectacle lenses?

Are you past the age of 40 and have found that reading fine print with your contact lenses is so difficult that you simply stopped wearing them?

All of these situations qualify for specialty contact lenses.  Special designs and materials are now available which allow for clear, sharp vision in even the most challenging cases.  New advances in multifocal technology mean that you will be able to see clearly at distance and near without having to wear bifocal glasses!

Dr. Pittaras is Residency Trained in dealing with hard to fit eyes. Using special contact lens materials and methods of evaluation and fitting, she is able to achieve clear vision in many cases.  Please call to schedule your contact lens consultation, evaluation and fitting today.